Sunday, September 30, 2012

L'Automne Wishlist

L'A Wish

Tapestry Wedge Boot Pleather Skirt | JC Tardy Boot | Leather A-Line Dress | Black JC Damsel Wedge| GoldxSilver Chain | Metal Collar Autumn Cable Knit Tights | Tall Leather Wedge boot 

My first Blog post!
I have wanted to create my own little fashion blog for years now. Like most things I usually like to put things off until 'tomorrow' but tomorrow never really comes around. Finally I've put myself up to really sitting down and making a commitment to this blog. I must say I've definitely been inspired by the fact that Autumn is here and I am absolutely smitten for Fall colors, weather, holidays, and Fall fashion. Being that I'm feeling quite ambitious I will start off with a wishlist summarizing some of the pieces I look forward to scouting into my wardrobe.
This Autumn I've completely fallen in love with tall wedges since I find that they complement my short legs quite well. Also hoping I can call myself a proud owner of a pair of Jeffrey Campbells by the end of this year *crossed fingers*

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