Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Floral Sherlock Holmes

Vintage Cape | Mum's Shirt | Thrifted Skirt | Vintage Shoes | Tights via Hot Topic

So it's no longer warm enough to wear thigh highs or skirts without tights, so I have to go stock up on tights. However. I saw these two pieces in my closet, side by side, and my brain had a little eureka. The floral pattern on both pieces are so similar, so naturally they compliment each other. Speaking of patterns, matching prints from head to toe has been quite a fun & popular trend lately. This is kind of my very toned down interpretation of that trend. My cape-ish coat reminds me of a wintery Sherlock Holmes cape, which makes me feel magnificent

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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Black Crop top - DIY | High Waisted Pants - Vintage | Gray Wedges - Buffalo's Exchange

Recently purchased these lovely printed pants, fortunately they are made with such a comfortable fabric so throwing these on in the morning feels like putting on another pair of stylish pajamas. I may not be able to enjoy these pants for too long, the weather is getting quite frigid, but i will try to prolong their wear-time with a pair of tights.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ebay Steals

Last time I checked every wants a good deal on fabulous clothes. I usually when I'm bored or have extra time I find myself browsing the web for sales and "window" shopping, one of my favorite places to score amazing clothes deals is Ebay. Most people are quite familiar with the site, but it does take some time and dedication find exactly what you want for the right price, kind of like thrifting.

Anywho here are some steals that I have been eyeing for a while

Colored tights - $2.70
Two tone tights - $2.98

Printed tights - $12.21
Pleated pleather skirt
Creeper Dupes - $23.00
Chic Button down - $9.50

Just an extra tip ~ When shopping for jewelry at higher priced stores like Zara, Urban Outfitters, or Asos make sure to check and see if the piece is on Ebay at a better deal. If the piece is popular, chances are you can find a great dupe at half the price.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

L'Automne Wishlist

L'A Wish

Tapestry Wedge Boot Pleather Skirt | JC Tardy Boot | Leather A-Line Dress | Black JC Damsel Wedge| GoldxSilver Chain | Metal Collar Autumn Cable Knit Tights | Tall Leather Wedge boot 

My first Blog post!
I have wanted to create my own little fashion blog for years now. Like most things I usually like to put things off until 'tomorrow' but tomorrow never really comes around. Finally I've put myself up to really sitting down and making a commitment to this blog. I must say I've definitely been inspired by the fact that Autumn is here and I am absolutely smitten for Fall colors, weather, holidays, and Fall fashion. Being that I'm feeling quite ambitious I will start off with a wishlist summarizing some of the pieces I look forward to scouting into my wardrobe.
This Autumn I've completely fallen in love with tall wedges since I find that they complement my short legs quite well. Also hoping I can call myself a proud owner of a pair of Jeffrey Campbells by the end of this year *crossed fingers*